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For those who believe, no proof is necessary for those who do not believe, is no proof available!

Stuart Case



Welcome to my website. Take a look at my Home page and take a little bit of your time to see the various links below, you can get a better picture of who I am and what I do.
Being a medium is a way of life for me.Some people ask me if I have a certificate for it, in some countries you can get it, my answer is: I got my certificates from Spirits

What is a Medium, what does a Medium do

A medium is very 'aware' person where the supernatural senses are particularly strong.
A medium is paranormal; a medium may feel different things in different ways and has visions accompanying these feelings.

When I say I can strongly feel the feelings of others, I mean I can feel what is going on emotionally in you and physically in you when it comes to your health.

It is as if your body and soul talks to me before you tell me anything about yourself. I just feel it and I can also see auras clearly. I can communicate with, see and hear the spirits of people who have passed away. They show up in different ways.

I offer readings for people who want to contact their loves ones “on the other side”, or want information about their jobs, relationships, their health and energy exchange by passing on the information I get through my visions.

By perceiving information from spitit healers I can help people with their health and locate problem area and either help them get rid of that with healing or advice them to visit a doctor.

Please leave your Hollywood image or idea at home before you come to a reading. With the Hollywood image of ghosts und spirits I mean those perceptions of spirits which are in horror movies and the like.

The people who are now spirits were, before crossing over, just like you and me. There is no room with candles and crystal balls in my readings .

The clients should have a good feeling after a reading, a better feeling than they had before the reading,this is very important to me.

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