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The readings are usually not at client's home.

I am working full time and my mediumship is beside my job.

I am always open to the news, which come through, and I believe that the best Readings are those when the clients also are open. Nothing else can be more disappointed than the expectation or the hope, for example, that the deceased mother comes through but instead appears someone else.

That does not mean that her mother does not want to talk to you; I can not promise which informations or messages come through, or whether if the Information would fit you at least at that moment.

Do not be surprised if I give you some information that you do not yet know about it, there is usually someone in the family, who can explain or confirm it to you.

Sometimes the clients recognize the importance of the message until weeks or months later.
Often, clients tell me many months after a reading that some informations did not "fit" during the session but in a while it got a logical sense.

Stay open to the all small gifts from the other side.

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