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Dear Mani ,
You are kicked like a shooting star in my life, you have removed my murky veil  - and I can fell  happiness and satisfaction after many years again.
Be warmly embraced - You piece of heaven



Dear Mani ! I thank God that you are there and I got to know you. Thanks to you and to your Spirit team, I slept wonderfully tonight ud feel much calmer than yesterday. thank you
Elisabeth 10/23/2015


Hello .. you're really a witch hihihi ... I found the earrings of Laura ... you were right !!!! Was in a black box .. opposite the washing corners .. Thank you

 Bussi  Love you

Petra 03/12/2015


Thanks again for today I was so impressed and touched !! Nice that there are people like you !!

Kerstin 01/28/2015


Lovely Mani ! I would like to thank you again sincerely for the meeting.
Although I'm messed up and done now after the sitting . But it is a very nice feeling when one knows there is a life after death, and there is a possibility to connect the death through you.
Thanks to light and love


Mani has changed my life in every single way. In short, she has given me a new perspective on life overall. What she conveyed to me has not only put my life puzzle together, but also that of those to whom I am close. Apart from her obvious mediumship abilities, I strongly recommend going to her for healing. Mani no doubt has powers that most of us will not have the capacity to understand. But apart from that, she is an absolutely gorgeous and beautiful human being! If you are on this website consider going to her, I cannot recommend it enough! There is really no need to be afraid, as she told me the first time “the spirits will only share what is good for you to hear”… so do it!

Anonymous (20 March 2012)

The meetings with Mani Asvadi were inspiring and helping at the same time. Due to her sensitive nature, I felt sheltered from the first minute and I was able to discuss my concerns with Mani openly. Mrs. Asvadi dose not promise an unrealistic scenario, but says only one of the events / emotions that she feels even or ahead in the near future. I have also rediscovered again through her the faith in the spirituality and regained the spiritual access to deceased relatives. I can recommend everyone meeting with Mani Asvadi, since this is a serious Chanelling and Mani impresses people with her captivating nature.

Sylvie St.(34 J.), 1040 Vienna

Nice to see that you are offering a workshop in Liezen. I will not participate but I will recommend this workshop from you naturally. After the phone reading I had with you last year, again, everything happened exactly as you said and described . ->I have made a change of residence and I live now in an oasis as you've seen. About my job you said , and it has calmed down a bit for me and my quality of life has improved a lot. Even in terms of love, you were right, with "an attempt is worth it" you said I involved a relationship with a certain woman , you said try but it is not going to work that way. But we have since become good friends. My first final exam, I passed in December well . It was right too ... Thanks and Greetings


First many thanks for everything yesterday, I'm excited about your skills and what we have spoken has helped me a lot. The healing energy has also made ​​efficient, my wrist does not hurt as much as it did two days ago! the knot is still there, but I hope that it may even go away. The abdominal stomach area, with the problems I've tried over so many years to get rid of the pain and I hardly can believe if once it would be better, even there I can feel an improvement incredible, thank you! I think it is such a happiness, that there are people like you. I 'll send you lots of love.

Melania Vienna 11.01.2012

My wonderful healing by Mani,
I am particularly concerned to report about my meeting with Mani, so that a lot of other desperate, sick or people in a hopeless situated situation can help themselves too. Actually, I have met Mani relatively late, already by the end of my therapy. On 2nd of April 2009 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was at once irradiated, operated and I became chemotherapy and Wertheim operation. Unfortunately, they have discovered a metastasis in November and then the therapy was running particularly hard. Chemotherapy - radiation - chemotherapy. In the end, my body was so weak that I was no longer able to walk upright. I ended up once again in the hospital and had a fairly deep understanding of ulcer in the rectum 7 cm long by the radiation. The doctors have been wondering whether they have set an artificial anus, to heal the wound. In my deepest despair then my sister finally has given me the phone number of Mani. She immediately sent me relief from the pain and a deep, wonderful sleep,I have every night until today. Next scare from the doctors came, my tumour markers have increased. I called Mani once again and she sent me over the phone power and confidence. Suddenly I did not and I still do not feel fear no longer, and the doctors can give me so much bad news as they like, I am strengthened and my spirit is strong. In my last CT scan nothing was detected. Whenever I am unsure or despair at the long term healing of my body, Mani has always time for me and gives me healing. In moments of pain and despair, she starts on me and gives me confidence in myself, it strengthens my spirit and freed me from fear. With the help of Mani, I have never given up and that is an essential component in cancer patients. Once they give up themselves, they are lost. But that was not the case with me. I got a new perspective on life and see many things with a different perspective. In any case, I'm glad I met her. She is a kind of person to whom I can always turn in, at moments of hopelessness and despair.

Gabriela Nemeth

Mani Asvadi's help and support have opened new worlds to me. In addition, I've learned from Mani, reinforced pursuing my intuition and to trust this, too. In Mani you can feel her love to the people. I feel the encounter with her as a gift "from above". Tranks to Mani :-)


Mani is on both the spiritual and on the human level, a very warm and loving and a kind hearted woman. The proceedings themselves were designed for me very helpful and professional. Throughout the session I had with her, I felt myself to be in good hands and well treated.. For these and many other reasons, I can really recommend Mani as a spiritual medium highly. In light and Love,


Dear Mani,
Thank you for helping me not to fear any longer from the encounters with the other kind of being! I have adopted the most of what has always been in me, but I've seen it before as a threat and not as a gift! I am happy because now I know I can trust that things,it can happen if only I want it to. Thanks for your help and your strength to help me! Regards and of course love and light for you!

Your Sigrid

Dear Mani,
I thank you and the Spirits for the answers ,friendly support ,for the strength and courage and recharging you gave me!


As a manager and responsible for a region with a lot of travel activities The healing appointments with Mani are for me resting and relaxing, which makes me come back to myself. The Meditation let me be calm and I gather strength. Manis healing is for me a soul-wellness After one hour healing with her I feel full of energy and strength.

Kerstin Knorpp

I want to write to you a few lines now. So I really am very glad and happy that I participate in your workshops. They are always very interesting and very instructive. Every time I learn something new and it helps me in my life and my experiences. When I have inspirations I know by now that I'm not imagining them, and I know now I can trust them. Since I participate in your workshops, I have found my inner peace and have become much calmer and more balanced. I'm so glad you are in my life and I am really grateful to you. I think these few lines and phrases say a lot about your workshops and you yourself.
Very best regards


The reading was quite amazing for me. The reading revealed things that only I could know and which have helped me to take the next step. In addition, it has filled my heart with joy.

Helga Müller, 65, Vienna

I've got an energetic treatment , Healing . The effect was surprisingly intense. I felt relaxed and strengthened thereafter. It has helped me cope with my everyday tasks again.

Elisabeth Zach, 58, Vienna

I use the readings to make my life more active and to reflect on my personal development. The Readings offered me new perspectives. As a result I've become more mindful.

Sabine Müller, 41, Vienna

I had my first seminar with Mani and I must say it is a very exciting and interesting experience for me. I'm excited how much energies I could feel and this with others together with such great people. That was in any case, only the beginning of many other appointments. Thank you dear Mani.

Franzi,27 Stuttgart Germany

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